In Communities


Storytelling Field Trip with students from Peterson Elementary.

As an 826CHI volunteer I have worked with students from hundreds of CPS schools, and visited dozens of classrooms across the city. I have been an after-school tutor, been present for a hundred or so field trips as illustrator or storyteller, serve as an original member of the Volunteer Engagement Support Team (VEST), and I have taught several arts and writing integrated workshops. During the summer of 2014 I organized a partnership between 826CHI and Columbia’s Student Chapter of the IAEA/NAEA. We hosted a two-week poetry and printmaking camp for middle school students on campus.

Fabricated narrative quilting workshop, 2013
Fabricated narrative quilting workshop, 2013
Fabricated narrative quilting workshop, 2013
Fabricated narrative quilting workshop window gallery, The Boring Store, 2013
Print Today, Poem Tomorrow, 2015
Print Today, Poem Tomorrow, 2015
Print Today, Poem Tomorrow, 2015

Art For All

Highland Park, Illinois

For two years I taught Saturday art classes to students in Highland Park as part of an initiative to provide free arts classes to all students in the district, allowing all students the opportunity to be exposed to materials and techniques they may not otherwise.

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Tickled Pink Installation

Tickled Pink for Bright Pink Fundraiser @ Morgan Manufacturing, February 2015

My cooperating teacher at Senn and I led over 150 students in creating a large-scale paper sculpture installation for the Tickled Pink fundraiser for breast and ovarian cancer, attended by over 1000 people.


Tickled Pink Installation, Senn Art 1

Creative Cole Book


Dr. Anne Becker and the students of Cohort 22 & 23 raised over $2,000 to print copies of an activity we put together for children facing extended hospital stays. The Creative Cole Boobrought a lotof joy to five-year-old Cole during a month-long stay at Lurie Children’s Hospital following cranial surgery. We look forward to being able to share copies with many more children.


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