The Production Manager of the Learning Environment



As a lesson is taught in the art room the teacher must actively revise in order to meet the needs of the students. Plans are adapted as the teacher identifies points of misunderstanding or a need for additional practice. Closely monitoring student progress and checking for understanding allows the teacher to help each individual not only master the objectives of a lesson, but also achieve success in relation to where each student started. The aim in teaching is not just in helping students meet learning standards, but to facilitate and witness growth.

One of the greatest challenges of teaching is in maintaining student engagement and focus. Some students may frequently become off task and require redirection. For others, engagement may weaken due to issues with self-efficacy, misunderstanding content or instructions, or trouble persisting throughout a long term project. In other cases, a student may need a greater level of challenge than his or her peers. The teacher must be attuned to the needs of all students and be quick to follow observations with an action plan. Students must be challenged at an appropriate level, and the progress continually documented.

In my classroom experiences I have worked with a range of learners and with them developed plans to ensure their growth. I am reflective in my practice and take note of areas where I can implement better strategies for working with my students. Through assessment, observation, and feedback from my students and colleagues evaluate my methods of teaching and the structure of my lessons, lectures, and activities so that their quality may improve. Included in this section is commentary on my assessment of student work and an analysis of video footage of me teaching. In taking the time to thoroughly examine my practice I have been able to take valuable note of areas of success and those in need of improvement.


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